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Writing Marathon, 1st December 2016


On the 1st of December 2016 we held a writing marathon at Academia building located at Tilburg University, on this day we had volunteers from STAI and other students coming by to write letters for unjustifiably imprisoned people. We managed to write 98 letters and 29 postcards. 


We would like to thank all the people who took time and effort to write letters!



Amnesty Late Night, 


Subject of Amnesty Late Night: Human Trafficking


On the 15th of November we as STAI organised it's second Amnesty Late Night. The theme of this night was human trafficking. We had some very interesting speakers:


- Mrs. Rijken, who is chair of human trafficking and globalisation department at Tilburg University and deputy judge at the court    of Breda.

- Mrs. De Volder: who is a researcher and lecturer of International Law at TiU and also the human trafficking advisor at CoMensha

- Members of Shop, which is an organisation that helps victims of human trafficking.


We want to thank the people attending at Amnesty Late Night and of course the speakers that were there!


We hope to see you all at the next Amnesty Late Night in the upcoming semester!



Movies that Matter, Britain's Modern Slave Trade


The MTM Committee hosted yet another interesting movie night on the 22th of November. The movie that was watched is a documentary by Al Jazeera, called "Britain's Modern Slave Trade".  We want to thank the committee for arranging the event! 


Summary of the movie:

"It's the kind of thing you wouldn't expect to find within the suburban neighborhoods of Britain. But the slave trade is alive and well in these areas, and its presence is insidious and widespread. A searing undercover investigation mounted by Al Jazeera, Britain's Modern Slave Trade shines a light on an underground system of crime and human rights abuses that continues to thrive while hidden in plain sight."


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Amnesty Late Night, 20th September


We from STAI organised our own version of RTL Late Night, called Amnesty Late Night! We had put up an informal setting at Café Philip, we invited speakers and we even had our own STAI band playing at these events! The host of the evening was our very own Jonathan Hendricks!


The speakers that we have invited where Gerdjan Kipping, a dutch author, teacher and deputy judge at the Aliens Chamber in s'Hertogenbosch, and Lukasz Dziedzic, who is a PhD Researcher at the Department of European and International Public Law. 

We would like to thank those speakers for joining us!


We would also like to thank all the people that attended and we will be holding more of these events in the future!


Amnesty Late Night


Movies that Matter


Again this year we are working on Movies that Matter!


We have already been showing a fantastic movie about the rights system in Congo, Justice for Sale. We would like to thank the Movies that Matters committee that has organised an wonderful evening full of information! 


Justice for Sale deals with sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this subtle and surprising documentary, a thorough-going Congolese lawyer investigates a rape case in which the 'predator' has become the victim of judicial errors. The movie reveals the inadequacy of Congo's legal system, partly due to the pressure exerted by local and international NGO's 


By this way we also want to invite everybody to the next Movies that Matter on the 22th of November at 19:00. The movie is called: Britain's modern slave trade. 


Find more information on our Facebook.


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Britain's Modern Slave Trade





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